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Gobinda suits broad faces, thanks to its wide, squared lenses. The short bridge balances the lack of nose pads. Even if the temples are thick, the metal core inside is easy to bend, so the fit can be adjusted at your own convenience. Gobinda is suitable for prescription glasses.


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Mirrored Gold
    Black/Mirrored Gold
  • Black/Mirrored Yellow
    Black/Mirrored Yellow
  • Havana/Blue Kopajos
    Havana/Blue Kopajos
  • Havana/G 15
    Havana/G 15
  • Havana/Transpa Yellow
    Havana/Transpa Yellow
  • Honey/Mirrored Pink
    Honey/Mirrored Pink
  • Tarta Dark/Light Blue
    Tarta Dark/Light Blue
  • Tarta Dark/Light Green
    Tarta Dark/Light Green
  • Tarta Dark/Mirrored Gold
    Tarta Dark/Mirrored Gold
  • Tarta Light/Demo
    Tarta Light/Demo
  • Tarta Light/Green Silver Mirror
    Tarta Light/Green Silver Mirror
  • Tarta Light/Mirrored Pink
    Tarta Light/Mirrored Pink
  • Tarta Light/Violet
    Tarta Light/Violet
  • Transparent Blue/Black
    Transparent Blue/Black
  • Transparent Blue/Light Blue
    Transparent Blue/Light Blue
  • Transparent Red/Transpa Pink
    Transparent Red/Transpa Pink