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00B are one of our first models of the Kopajos collection. A thick acetate squared frame without nose pads but very comfortable; notice that these sunglasses do not have taps on arms.


  • Black/Blue Kopajos
    Black/Blue Kopajos
  • Black/G 15
    Black/G 15
  • Black/Mirrored Green
    Black/Mirrored Green
  • Black/Mirrored Red
    Black/Mirrored Red
  • Grey/Blue Kopajos
    Grey/Blue Kopajos
  • Havana/Blue Kopajos
    Havana/Blue Kopajos
  • Honey/Mirrored Orange
    Honey/Mirrored Orange
  • Ivory/Mirrored Gold
    Ivory/Mirrored Gold
  • Tarta Dark/Brown
    Tarta Dark/Brown
  • Tarta Light/Mirrored Orange
    Tarta Light/Mirrored Orange