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Blatt-1 were one of our first model since we started our production. These are not a classic aviator shape; thanks to its sharped angles, they could be also be considered as squared. A very high technological process was implemented for cutting the front, adding numerous details on the temples. Even if Blatt-1 don’t have nosepad, they are very comfortable to wear.


  • Matt Black/Black
    Matt Black/Black
  • Matt Black/G 15
    Matt Black/G 15
  • Matt Black/Light Green
    Matt Black/Light Green
  • Matt Black/Silver Mirror
    Matt Black/Silver Mirror
  • Matt Transparent/Violet
    Matt Transparent/Violet
  • Shiny Transparen/Light Green
    Shiny Transparen/Light Green
  • Tarta Dark/G 15
    Tarta Dark/G 15
  • Tarta Dark/Light Blue
    Tarta Dark/Light Blue
  • Tarta Dark/Mirrored Yellow
    Tarta Dark/Mirrored Yellow
  • Transparent Blue/Blue Kopajos
    Transparent Blue/Blue Kopajos
  • Transparent Blue/Blue Silver Mirror
    Transparent Blue/Blue Silver Mirror
  • Transparent Blue/Light Blue
    Transparent Blue/Light Blue
  • Transparent Blue/Silver Mirror
    Transparent Blue/Silver Mirror
  • Transparent Red/Black
    Transparent Red/Black
  • Transparent Red/Crimson Red
    Transparent Red/Crimson Red
  • Transparent Red/Mirrored Red
    Transparent Red/Mirrored Red
  • White/Mirrored Gold
    White/Mirrored Gold
  • White/Mirrored Green
    White/Mirrored Green
  • White/Mirrored Pink
    White/Mirrored Pink