Anna Sheep

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With Anna Sheep we were able to combine the lightness of two different elements together, titanium and acetate. The big caliber reminds a total acetate sunglasses of our collection, Fiona Volpe, but the design is clearly different and slimmer. Flexible nosepads help the fit.


  • Black-Gold/Blue Kopajos
    Black-Gold/Blue Kopajos
  • Honey-Gold/G 15
    Honey-Gold/G 15
  • Honey-Gold/Green Silver Mirror
    Honey-Gold/Green Silver Mirror
  • Honey-Gold/Transpa Pink
    Honey-Gold/Transpa Pink
  • Honey-Gold/Violet
  • Leopard-Silver/Black
  • Leopard-Silver/Light Blue
    Leopard-Silver/Light Blue
  • Leopard-Silver/Silver Mirror
    Leopard-Silver/Silver Mirror
  • Navy Blue-Silver/Black
    Navy Blue-Silver/Black
  • Navy Blue-Silver/Blue Kopajos
    Navy Blue-Silver/Blue Kopajos
  • Navy Blue-Silver/Matt Blue
    Navy Blue-Silver/Matt Blue
  • Tarta Dark-Gold/Brown
    Tarta Dark-Gold/Brown
  • Tarta Dark-Gold/Light Blue
    Tarta Dark-Gold/Light Blue
  • Tarta Dark-Gold/Matt Silver
    Tarta Dark-Gold/Matt Silver