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Anastasia’s design is sharp, an oversized cat-eye style with a disco soul. A thick acetate layer surrounds the wide 57mm lenses, making these sunglasses a big caliber size. The narrow 19mm bridge enhances the balance and appearance: Anastasia fits smaller and larger faces, resulting in a diverse look.

Thicker 145mm arms are longer than other sunglasses in our collection, but it helps the wearing.
Suitable for prescription lenses.
A new color is available for the 2023 collection: try on the pale pearl!

Additional Details:
57mm (lenses)
19mm (bridge)
145mm (arms)

Available frame colors:
Black, Ivory, Leopard, Pale Pearl, Tarta Dark, Transparent Brown, Transparent Pink, and Transparent Violet

400 UV Protection
POLARIZED LENSES for category 2 and 3 sunglasses


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Light Blue
    Black/Light Blue
  • Black/Transpa Orange
    Black/Transpa Orange
  • Ivory/Black
  • Ivory/Light Green
    Ivory/Light Green
  • Ivory/Mirrored Red
    Ivory/Mirrored Red
  • Ivory/Transpa Yellow
    Ivory/Transpa Yellow
  • Leopard/Black
  • Leopard/Silver Mirror
    Leopard/Silver Mirror
  • Leopard/Violet
  • Pale Pearl/Blue Kopajos
    Pale Pearl/Blue Kopajos
  • Pale Pearl/Transpa Yellow
    Pale Pearl/Transpa Yellow
  • Tarta Dark/Brown
    Tarta Dark/Brown
  • Tarta Dark/G 15
    Tarta Dark/G 15
  • Tarta Dark/Light Blue
    Tarta Dark/Light Blue
  • Transparent Brown/Brown
    Transparent Brown/Brown
  • Transparent Brown/Transpa Orange
    Transparent Brown/Transpa Orange
  • Transparent Pink/Smokey Green
    Transparent Pink/Smokey Green
  • Transparent Pink/Transpa Pink
    Transparent Pink/Transpa Pink
  • Transparent Violet/Smokey Green
    Transparent Violet/Smokey Green
  • Transparent Violet/Violet
    Transparent Violet/Violet