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The size details come as follows:
52mm (lenses)
20mm (bridge)
145mm (arms)

The oval shape tends to be a vintage 70’s trend, but our Lina delivers something renewed. Lina’s width is its main feature, typical in a pair of “oversized” sunglasses, without being too exaggerated.
The 45° cut enhances the wire lenses and provides personality to the frame.
Acetate arms can be carefully stretched to improve fit.
Lina can be adapted for optical prescriptions; its rim eye is thick enough for every kind of lens.

You can customize Lina, combining your favorite shape and lenses, sending an email at


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Blue Kopajos
    Black/Blue Kopajos
  • Black/Dark Green
    Black/Dark Green
  • Black/Smokey Blue
    Black/Smokey Blue
  • Black/Transpa Yellow
    Black/Transpa Yellow
  • Honey/Brown
  • Honey/Green Silver Mirror
    Honey/Green Silver Mirror
  • Honey/Transpa Orange
    Honey/Transpa Orange
  • Ivory/Black
  • Ivory/Mirrored Pink
    Ivory/Mirrored Pink
  • Leopard/Black
  • Leopard/Dark Green
    Leopard/Dark Green
  • Leopard/Light Blue
    Leopard/Light Blue
  • Leopard/Mirrored Gold
    Leopard/Mirrored Gold
  • Leopard/Silver Mirror
    Leopard/Silver Mirror
  • Leopard/Violet
  • Tarta Dark/Brown
    Tarta Dark/Brown
  • Tarta Dark/Light Green
    Tarta Dark/Light Green
  • Tarta Dark/Smokey Green
    Tarta Dark/Smokey Green
  • Transparent Brown/Brown
    Transparent Brown/Brown
  • Transparent Pink/Smokey Green
    Transparent Pink/Smokey Green