Irma Bunt

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The new Irma Bunt titanium version is now online and lighter than ever. We kept the proportion between the 48mm lenses and the 21mm bridge.
The double framework of Irma Bunt is available in another design of our collection; Tamburino, one of our aviator sunglasses.
Spring hinges make the 140mm arms flexible. Irma Bunt’s nose pads can be adjusted easily, which is suitable for optics and a fantastic fit.


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Blue Kopajos
    Black/Blue Kopajos
  • Black/Crimson Red
    Black/Crimson Red
  • Black/Light Green
    Black/Light Green
  • Black/Mirrored Gold
    Black/Mirrored Gold
  • Black/Mirrored Yellow
    Black/Mirrored Yellow
  • Black/Transpa Yellow
    Black/Transpa Yellow
  • Bronze/Brown
  • Bronze/G 15
    Bronze/G 15
  • Bronze/Green Silver Mirror
    Bronze/Green Silver Mirror
  • Bronze/Transpa Orange
    Bronze/Transpa Orange
  • Matt Gold/Mirrored Yellow
    Matt Gold/Mirrored Yellow
  • Metal Blue/Black
    Metal Blue/Black
  • Metal Blue/Blue Kopajos
    Metal Blue/Blue Kopajos
  • Metal Blue/Blue Silver Mirror
    Metal Blue/Blue Silver Mirror
  • Metal Blue/Light Blue
    Metal Blue/Light Blue
  • Metal Red/Crimson Red
    Metal Red/Crimson Red
  • Metal Red/Mirrored Yellow
    Metal Red/Mirrored Yellow
  • Metal Red/Transpa Pink
    Metal Red/Transpa Pink
  • Shiny Gold/Black
    Shiny Gold/Black
  • Shiny Gold/Mirrored Gold
    Shiny Gold/Mirrored Gold
  • Shiny Gold/Transpa Yellow
    Shiny Gold/Transpa Yellow
  • Shiny Silver/G 15
    Shiny Silver/G 15
  • Shiny Silver/Silver Mirror
    Shiny Silver/Silver Mirror
  • Shiny Silver/Transpa Pink
    Shiny Silver/Transpa Pink
  • Shiny Silver/Transpa Yellow
    Shiny Silver/Transpa Yellow
  • Shiny Silver/Violet
    Shiny Silver/Violet