Lucy Swabs

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With Lucy Swabs we combine a big metal frame along with an acetate rim-eye for the lenses. This shape allowed us to insert our embossed wave on the shape, the greek meandros. The nosepads are flexible. A small caliber is avaialble, its name is Ricky Gan.


  • Black-Gold/Light Blue
    Black-Gold/Light Blue
  • Black-Silver/Black
  • Black-Silver/Blue Kopajos
    Black-Silver/Blue Kopajos
  • Black-Silver/Transpa Pink
    Black-Silver/Transpa Pink
  • Honey-Gold/G 15
    Honey-Gold/G 15
  • Ivory-Gold/Blue Kopajos
    Ivory-Gold/Blue Kopajos
  • Tarta Light-Gold/Brown
    Tarta Light-Gold/Brown
  • Tarta Light-Gold/Mirrored Green
    Tarta Light-Gold/Mirrored Green
  • Tiffany-Silver/Black
  • Tiffany-Silver/Mirrored Gold
    Tiffany-Silver/Mirrored Gold
  • Transparent Blue-Silver/Blue Kopajos
    Transparent Blue-Silver/Blue Kopajos
  • Transparent Blue-Silver/Smokey Blue
    Transparent Blue-Silver/Smokey Blue