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Valenca have the same characteristics of Francis Spoken. Suitable for prescription glasses, not flexible nosepads but extremely comfortable and a detailed bridge. The shape is smaller to let you decide between two calibers of the same sunglasses.


  • Black/Black
  • Black/Blue Kopajos
    Black/Blue Kopajos
  • Black/Transpa Yellow
    Black/Transpa Yellow
  • Matt Gold/Green Silver Mirror
    Matt Gold/Green Silver Mirror
  • Matt Gold/Mirrored Yellow
    Matt Gold/Mirrored Yellow
  • Matt Gold/Violet
    Matt Gold/Violet
  • Matt Silver/Blue Kopajos
    Matt Silver/Blue Kopajos
  • Matt Silver/Silver Mirror
    Matt Silver/Silver Mirror
  • Matt Silver/Smokey Blue
    Matt Silver/Smokey Blue
  • Matt Silver/Smokey Purple
    Matt Silver/Smokey Purple
  • Matt Silver/Transpa Pink
    Matt Silver/Transpa Pink
  • Shiny Gold/Blue Kopajos
    Shiny Gold/Blue Kopajos
  • Shiny Gold/Mirrored Gold
    Shiny Gold/Mirrored Gold
  • Shiny Silver/G 15
    Shiny Silver/G 15