How does this warranty work?

Each of our sunglasses comes with a numbered warranty card, placed inside the case. It grants you access to our client warranty program to let you repair your sunglasses if something happens. Please keep the card safe because it is necessary if you need our intervention or to ask for a replacement or return (in the allowed cases).

On its back, you find a link to this page and a QR code. Register here your card in a few simple steps.

What does this warranty cover?

Our program allows you to replace the lenses if there are scratches, stains, or anything else affecting their surface for free, twice and two years after the purchase. Lenses are provided according to our availability, but we are committed to giving the colors you may ask.

As a relevant part of our sunglasses do not require to be shipped at our technical office, we directly ship the lenses worldwide. Shipping cost is at the client’s charge. Our team anyway reserves the right to ask to send the sunglasses to our laboratory if necessary.

Any damage that may affect the frame will be considered case by case by our technical office. Replacement parts are subjected to availability and their cost changes model by model.

As provided at number 9 of our “Terms and Conditions” on relevant defects,  you have the warranty rights provided by consumer law. We refer you to this link to read more about it. [http://kopajos.com/terms-and-condition/]

What information do we ask?

We need a few details to provide you the best care we can:

1) the number of your warranty card;

2) the name of the model;

3) the serial numbers.

This information can be easily find written on the inner sides of the sunglasses’ temples.

You can contact our customer care by email at mykonos@kopajos.com or through Whatsapp at +39366 2127968.


  • People with sensitive skin could suffer allergies to metal frames.
  • This warranty program does not cover mask sunglasses (i.e., Elliot Carver, Elektra King, Franz Sanchez, Karl Stromberg, Max Zorin. Yusef Kabira).
  • Acetate frames are susceptible to high temperatures and heat. Do not warm these if not necessary.
  • Any replacement is possible when sunglasses are full of their parts.

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